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International Puppeteer's Day

Today is the International Puppeteer's Day! The idea of celebrating this day came to the famous puppeteer  Dzhyvado Zolfahariho (Iran) in 2000.
The well-known Indian puppeteer Kapila Watsiayan said "The world of puppet theater is  innocence, purity and special spontaneity of childhood and wisdom of the philosopher. For me, puppet theater always has a special witchcraft, because it's a unique phenomenon in the art, due to its amazing simplicity it's a  mysterious and imaginative universe, mystery and fantasy. Arising in real time and space, Puppet Theatre returns true nature of our souls ... ".
So who is a puppeteer? It's one who entertains with and operates puppets or marionettes ( according to the Free Dictionary by Farlex)
I've decided to talk with you about puppeteering because I think teaching English to children with puppets is an amazing thing.
As for me I use puppets in my teaching practice very much.
My Mr.Tongue puppet helps me to teach my young learners correct pronunciation.
My students also like sing songs with our finger puppets
And my students and I have created our puppet show: we make our ow puppets from children's favourite movies and invent interesting adventures for our characters.
My students like to make up dialogues with the help of their favourite toys they bring to our English lessons.
Puppets are funny creatures which help children to study. And lessons are getting more interesting and exciting if you bring a little puppet to your class.
Recently Lizzie ( she is my student of the fifth grade) has presented me with a beautiful doll. She made it herself. It's a special Ukrainian doll which is called lyalka-motanka.
This charming present sits on my desk and always cheers me up with its bright colours. 
So my advice for you: become a puppeteer for your students and they will attend your lessons with great pleasure;)

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