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Interesting to know: World Consumer Rights Day.

Every day we buy something. The goods we need are various. They can be expensive or cheap. But it doesn't really matter. What  matters is the quality of these goods. So what should we do not to be cheated? First of all we have to know that we are customers and we have rights. 
I've chosen this topic because on March 15 we celebrate World Consumer Rights Day.It coincides with the date of John Kennedy's speech in the US Congress in 1962 .
 John Kennedy identified four fundamental consumer rights. They are:
1) the right to security;
2) the right to quality of goods and services;
3) the right to accurate information;
4) the right to protect one's consumer claims in court.
Later they formed the basis of consumer protection law in many countries.
Now let's summarize the general information about customer's rights and how to protect them.
Customers have rights:

  1. to buy products of high quality;
  2. to get all information about product they want to buy on the first demand;
  3. to be paid money back for spoilt or defective product;
  4. to protect their rights from cheaters in the court;
  5. to unite one organization of customers.
In case if you have bought low quality goods you can:

  • make the price lower;
  • remove of the defects in the right time;
  • get your money back for defective product.
So every time when you go shopping, be careful and remember your rights;) 

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