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Happy birthday, Harry Potter!

July, 31 is a special day for all fans of books and movies about Harry Potter's adventures. It's Harry Potter's birthday. He is 35 years old. And by the way it's JK Rowling's birthday, too. And we all know that she is Harry's literary mother. So thanks to JK Rowling we've got acquainted with Harry and other great characters of the amazing wizarding world. 
I remember that moment when I started reading novels about Harry Potter. All the characters became my real friends and I was very excited to plunge into the world of magic. And it was a real pleasure to watch movies of Harry and his adventures.
So let's remember the coolest moments from these movies( great thanks to MsCute1221 for creating this video):
And how many funny moments made us laugh (great thanks to TheStefatron for creating this video):
Books and movies about Harry Potter's adventures will always be in the list of my favourites because they are about kindness, love and friendship. Happy birthday, dear author Mrs Rowling!
Happy birthday, dear Harry! 
Maybe it's high time to take one of these wonderful books from the shelf and start reading or watch a favourite film with friends. I think it's the best way of spending the weekend;)
Mischief managed!;)

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