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Ways to learn English

We are constantly coming  across a lot of various ads about learning foreign languages easily, fast and effortlessly. But at the same time all of us know it's not so easy and you definitely won't start speaking in any foreign language perfectly without any efforts.

We definitely should not quit! So today I want to share with you some useful ways of learning English.
First of all you should start using your knowledge. Don't be afraid of using your English even if you make mistakes.
The only normal way to begin speaking in a new language is to begin speaking badly - Greg Thomson
Of course it would be much better if you visited an English - speaking country. You would be able to learn English faster in a special language environment. But what if you haven't got such an opportunity...
So, never mind! Just create this special language environment by yourselves.

  • Watch  Englis TV programs, movies,  series with subtitles. Results will appear not at once. However, after a while you'll notice how you use less subtitles, and eventually even turn them off.
  • Communicate with native speakers. Due to modern technologies it's quite easy to communicate with the whole world without leaving your house.
  • Keep a diary or blog in a foreign language.Using such a service as http://lang-8.com/, you can keep any notes, which will  be checked and corrected by native speakers. As a result, you get a real practice in the use of vocabulary and grammar rules that will help  better to remember and use them correctly. 
  • Change the language of the operating system and  programs you use on your pc or iphone.
  • Play games in a foreign language. Many of today's games, especially role-playing games, are true interactive stories with a complex plot, lots of dialogues and additional materials. And if you prefer online multiplayer games, you add  also the possibility of direct communication with foreign players.
  • Listen to and sing English songs. It's not only enrich your vocabulary, but improves your pronunciation. And it's a great fun, too!:)
  • And of course read English books.  

 So, my dear friends, never give up if you face any difficulties in learning languages! Remember that the way to your goal is not less important than your goal itself. Just arrange your way correctly and you will get succeed. Good luck!;) 

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