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T-shirt slogans or what do we wear?

It's summer now and I'm pretty sure that all of you wear T-shirts. They are comfy and stylish at the same time. But wait a minute! Do you pay attention to what you wear? I mean do you pay attention to the slogans written on your clothes?
I always ask my students to be very attentive when they choose their T-shirts with  slogans. It's very important to know both the language it's written in and the meaning of the slogan. For example one of my students, who didn't know English and was complitely sure he didn't need to learn it, wore a T-shirt with the slogan "Kick my ass". After I translated the slogan for him, he started learning English. It was my little victory:) So as you can see it is another reason for learning English. 
Today I'm going to talk with you about funny and interesting slogans on our T-shirts. T-shirts with a variety of slogans are very popular in the world of fashion. For somebody they like a tattoo help to express himself/herself and show others his/her philosophy of life, and somebody just wants to be in the trend and look shocking.
History of T-shirts with slogans.
Not everyone knows that this thing went into a man's life relatively recently, about in 40s of the twentieth century. T-shirt was invented by the Americans and intended for the soldiers. Due to the shape of the letter T it was called "T-shirt", but the Russian name "footballka" appeared for the reason that this thing was originally worn only by footballers.
Military clothes were quickly noticed by fashion lovers, and soon became the item of everybody's wardrobe and the favorite part of the everyday's life of people around the world. How did the slogans appeare on the T-shirts? It's simple: the soldiers necessarily applied the number of the part of the vessel or airplane to the item. At the end of the 60s, during the hippie movement, markings were replaced with drawings or slogans mainly of a political meaning.

When it was the era of punk and the world learned about stars like Sex Pistols and Johnny Roton, T-shirts fashion has undergone dramatic changes. Phrases printed at clothes make them absolutely exclusive.
Funny T-shirts are very democratic and one of the cheapest ways of expression, which everyone can afford. For this reason, T-shirts with different images and slogans have become so popular nowadays.
The most ardent admirers of T-shirts with slogans are the celebrities. 
The most relevant slogans are both funny quotes and serious social message and a brand name.
Here are the photos of funny T -shirts with slogans I've found for you.

If you are bold and bright, T-shirts with slogans must  appear in your wardrobes. Believe me it's the best way for you to express yourselves, staying  fashionable! But don't forget to pay attention to the meaning of your slogan!;)

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