четверг, 25 июня 2015 г.

We remember, we love: Michael Jackson.

Exactly six years ago, on June, 25  2009  the great  King of Pop and absolutely brilliant dancer Michael Jackson left this world.  He died, but his music will live forever. We remember you, Michael!
Even after his death Michael Jackson is the most successful performer in the history of pop music. On his account there are 15 "Grammy" and hundreds of other awards. He was listed in the Guinness Book of Records 25 times. He sold more than 1 billion copies of his records. In 2009, he was officially recognized as a legend and an icon of American music over the incredible contribution to the development of modern pop culture. To mark the sixth anniversary of the great singer's death we remember his best hits.
(Great thanks to lorilei2005 for creating this wonderful video)

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