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Exam preparation: some useful tips.

The wizard has spoken.
So, my dear friends, summer has come and we all are ready to enjoy it. But here it is - the great battle which we call EXAMS. And here is the different people's reaction for the coming exams;)

"Why do we need them?" you'll ask me.
Well, exams make you study and review regularly. Exam results show where you need extra work. And exam results are used by teachers to help decide the level of your knowledge and skills.
What is the good advice for exam preparation? It's quite obvious, my friends. You should
And I'm sure that all of you know it very well.And you also know that
One Does Not Simply Pass Final Exams...
Jokes are jokes, but if you want to be ok at your exam you just should prepare for it well.
Moscow psychologist Pronin proposed training technique "3-4-5." Time before the exam (year, month, week) is divided into three equal parts. In the first, say, 10 days you must learn all the topics for the C grade, during the second 10 days - for the B grade, and in the remaining days you should revise the familiar themes and  remove the errors.
Such a method has several advantages. Knowledge is not linked in memory with fear "to be late", it is possible to learn (repeat) and create an idea of ​​the subject as a whole.
Experienced teachers state that an unsinkable student is someone who knows how to speak the language of the subject. Such a student has got a fluent technique of preparation for the exam.
British consultants  Orr and Klaysr in their book "Exams without stress" have summarized a similar experience:
- make up a clear plan of preparation for the exam;
- know your best time for study ("early bird"  or "owl")
- If you are feeling "not in the mood", start the lessons with the most interesting subject for you, this will help to enter the working form;
- If there is a sudden fear of the subject, it is necessary to stand up, turn away from the table, to make a few slow, deep breaths, and only then back down to study;
- Must take short but regular breaks: have a rest, do not wait for the fatigue 
- Do without stimulants (coffee, strong tea, etc.): the nervous system before the exam is already on edge;
- The evening before the exam must be relaxation: walk, swim, and at night have  a good sleep, the last twelve hours must be left for training  not knowledge, but the organism.

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