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Happy April Fools Day!;)

Забавный Первоапрельский шутит играть на детей
Do you know a special day for tricks and jokes? It's the first of April or April Fools Day. This is a special day when you can make fun of your friends and relatives anyway you like.
Like this:
Funny Page 67: Whiskeymarie: June 2007. 35 Jokes for Kids - …
or like this:
WTFPinterest .com приколол(а) это к доске WTF, Pinterest (from www.WT.
or like this:
Самые лучшие розыгрыши на 1 апреля - ФОТО
or even like this:
Дело было вечером, делать было нечего (98 фото) - Интересное…
But always remember that your jokes should be not only funny but kind!
And remember on April the 1st you may become an object of fun, too;)
Так кому она рожки поставила. - Каша-малаша
Another interesting thing is where this funny tradition has come from. Let's watch this video and find out.
We can't be sure about the origin of this holiday but nevertheless Happy April Fools Day and have fun!
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