среда, 25 февраля 2015 г.

Unusual lessons: Sporty lesson/Нестандартні уроки: Спортивний урок.

Открытое письмо болельщиков "Кайсара" акиму Кызылординской области
Unusual lessons are always interesting not only for pupils but for their teachers, too. As for me I am always ready to have fun with my pupils;) And after these lessons children better remember new words and word combinations. 
Today my seven formers have had the unusual lesson on the topic "Sport in our life". We have learnt new words and phrases, read about sport in our country and English-speaking countries and... played sport games in the classroom!:) It was possible due to table games. My pupils played mini football:
practised to throw the ball
and had fun with bowling
And we are going to share our impressions from the sports at our next lesson. 
Make your lessons unusual and learn English with pleasure!;)

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