четверг, 12 февраля 2015 г.

My pupils' projects:Creating a Newspaper/Проекти моїх учнів:Створення газети.

Q&A Project and Group Collaboration
Creating a newspaper is a very interesting work. So my 8th formers decided to write their own newspapers full of interesting information while learning the topic "Mass media".
Being editors and reporters is an exciting and very creative work:
And here are the results! The winners of our project exhibition are Diana Grebenkova and Valery Lymar!
Well done, girls!;)
And now let's read some tips for writing a newspaper:
  • find a partner for a team work
  • find interesting information and photos
  • make colomns and sort out your information
  • write the titles for your columns
  • choose interesting and actual information
  • use photos or draw your own pictures according to the chosen information
  • be creative!;)

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