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New Year's Resolutions.

New year is a new start for everything. So every new year we take a sheet of paper and write what we are going to do. And we call it our New Year's resolutions:

New Year's Resolutions For Politicians International
And do you make a list of New Year's resolutions which immediately forget? 
Give yourself a promises for the New Year and then break them. It's a kind of a tradition;)
But why not keep our promises?!
Maybe because of this:
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 Or maybe we're just doing it wrong.
Anyway it is not harmful to keep these promises, at least for a change.
High expectations and too ambitious plans at your start quickly lead to loss of motivation.
Set a goal and develop a plan to achieve it.
Don't try to achive all the goals. Start with only one. Every time, putting and achieving small goals, you've settled in your mind a very important program that start of a new life is fun. Soon it will be much easier for you to make important things in your life.
For example if you have promised to learn foreign languages it doesn't mean that you'll become a polyglot at once. To be fluent in English, it is necessary to work hard. Turn your hard work into fun! For example, you can watch the films with  subtitles in your native language. You will improve your English enjoying the plot. Believe me, soon you will be able to understand the film  in the original.
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Good luck;)

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