пятница, 21 ноября 2014 г.

My pupils' projects:"An interesting sandwich"(form 7)/Проекти моїх учнів:"Цікавий бутерброд"(7 клас).

Do you like cooking? My pupils really like doing it.
My 7-th formers created amazing sandwiches while learning the topic "Householding". Their tasty works proved the name of the project "An interesting sandwich". Pupils shared the recipes and tasted their cooking masterpieces:

On this photo you can see (from left to right)

  • Tourist Sandwich (Max Reshetniov)
  • Little Car (Artem Bondar) - our winner!
  • Mouse in Mayonnaise (Tolik Petrachenkov)
  • Army Sandwich (Alex Markov)
All the sandwiches are amazing! Well done, boys!;)

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