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Holidays: Thanksgiving Day/Свята: День Подяки.

Thanksgiving day - Фото 7751/9
On November 27 people in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving Day. This is one of the most popular festivals in the country. Thanksgiving Day was first celebrated in 1621 by English colonists who lived in Plymouth Colony. Previous winter was very severe and promised hunger for the new colonists. Then Governor William Bradford decided to raise the spirits of his people and organized the first Thanksgiving Day. This holiday gethered together the British colonists and their neighbours, the Indians, with the help of who the Plymouth Colony survived the first winter of starvation. The Puritans brought to this festival a deep religious meaning - they saw it as a way to thank God for mercy.
Thanksgiving Day became a national holiday after the relevant decree of the first President George Washington in 1789. 
Thanksgiving Day is associated with a number of traditions that Americans honor. 
All family members  go to church and after the service get together at  the holiday dinner.
Vector illustration picturing a family at the table on Thanksgiving Day #1652
The second most important attribute of Thanksgiving  Day is a turkey. At the first festival the colonists and the Indians roasted and ate together four turkeys, shot down in a nearby forest. Since then, the turkey and Thanksgiving Day became synonymous.
One More Day for Thanksgiving - The Feminist Grandma
The third attribute of the holiday are parades and fun.
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I want to conratulate all my American friends on Thanksgiving Day and wish all of you blessings of health, happiness and success on this day and always!
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