вторник, 28 октября 2014 г.

English is Great: Reading

There are holidays now but as John Lennon said "Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted". And I can't but agree with him. So today let's devote our time to reading. It's quite obvious that reading is a very important part for learning English.  Reading comprehension tests can help you to improve vocabulary, grammar, and logical thought ability. I've decided to talk about reading because in November we're going to have the second tour of our English contest. So why not prepare for this event?
You can learn to apply a range of techniques in order to extract from texts the information you need:
1. Skimming - reading quickly in order to find out what the text is about. Skimming can also take in features such as headings, subheadings and illustrations to obtain an overview of the subject matter.

2. Scanning - to locate specific information, making use of key words.

3. Detailed reading - reading carefully to aid understanding. When reading for information, detailed reading usually follows scanning. Some texts, such as instructions, need to be read in detail throughout.

Think about the following questions as you read:

• What is it for?
• Where is it coming from?
• Who is it aimed at?
• What can I infer that isn't explicitly stated?
• Do I believe it? 

Here are some tips for improving your reading skills:
- Practice reading every day. You should read different fields to improve your vocabulary.
- Take note all new words and learn them.
Good luck!;)

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